Press Release

Press Release

Collect-A-Ball NFT, an NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain, is the next big thing in the NFT Space. The community-driven project aims at providing NFT enthusiasts with a better experience through its innovative holders rewarding system, which comprises crazy giveaways and unmatched NFTs’ utility. With every 25% NFTs mint, the platform is giving away huge rewards to its holders. Collect-A-Ball NFTs minting is coming up in early January 2022.

The project is being run by a team of professionals that are also doxxed on the official website. So when it comes to transparency in the project development, Collect-A-Ball NFT definitely stands out. Collect-A-Ball NFT platform comprises a total supply of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs humanoid trainer balls that comes with exceptional rarities and utilities. The NFTs will allow holders access to a rich community of collectors. Each of these balls is unique and can be minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain by the holder.

By owning Collect-A-Ball, holders will unlock so many benefits on this platform and the real world. The project is partnering with major brands in real life that are adding utility to the Collect-A-Ball. Access to a community of collectors will definitely be one of the automatic benefits holders will enjoy. They will also access a range of premium holder-only benefits on this platform, including NFT gaming, live stream NFT selling, crypto purchasing and many others.

In the real world, Collect-A-Ball NFTs holders will have access to Collect-A-Con events in 2022, access to TCG, access to private streams with top sellers or Drip Shop Live plus sports and NFT shows that Drip Shop Live sponsors. There is so much utility that comes with holding these NFTs, and more will come as the community grows.

Holding Collect-A-Balls automatically makes the holder eligible for numerous giveaways. The team plans to reward one of the holders with 1 ETH, 1 PS5, and 1 iPhone 13 after the first 10% minting. This is followed by 15 Collect-A-Ball NFTs giveaway to one of the holders at 25% MINTED.

At 50% minting, $20k donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and a $5k donation to Sunny Patel’s “Pokemon Foundation”. The Collect-A-Ball general Merch and holder exclusive Merch launches at 75% minting and lastly, PSA 10 Base Unlimited Charizard or 5 ETH reward to one of the holders at 100%.

The new NFT project also addresses the issue of transparency during NFTs minting by keeping the process open to the public as much as possible. NFTs will be minted in a transparent environment. To ensure fair distribution of their NFTs, the minting price for each Collect-A-Ball is 0.08 ETH for everyone. There will be no price tiers, which makes this platform one of the fairest NFT projects today.

The Collect-A-Ball NFT minting dates are finally out, and the NFT community is excited about it. The presale will open on 6 January 2022, and the public sale will be conducted on the following day, 7 January. On 8 January, the team will launch the widely anticipated art reveal. The team is also in the process of listing Collect-A-Ball NFTs on the OpenSea.

At the moment, the platform is allowing all interested members to whitelist to get reserved access to the Collect-A-Ball NFT minting. All the whitelisted individuals will be given the privilege to mint up to 5 Collect-A-Ball NFTs.

Join Collect-A-Ball NFT Discord Server to stay up to date on everything, including the 50 1/1 Golden balls (Collect-A-Ball NFTs) that will grant holders VIP access to all Collect-A-Con events in 2022 as well as .25 ETH sent directly to their ETH wallet.

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